Reviews by Nirav S.
Nirav S.
Nirav S. for Learn to Eat Like a Local in Paris

We had an amazing time with Jesica on our tour. The tour began at a cafe in a very non-touristy neighborhood where we discussed French cuisine in general and the cafe lifestyle in particular. We also snacked on a variety of delicious pastries. We then ventured to a nearby food market, where we took in the amazing array of French produce and foods. The next (and most extensive) stop was to the adjacent market where we learned about all of the delectable things French cuisine is known for: cheeses, meats, and breads. The stop at the cheesemonger was particularly fun. We sampled a variety of cheeses from around France, talking about the features of each one along the way. From there, we moved to a nearby place called the Red Baron, which was the real highlight. This is a very local wine store, where it is possible to buy entire bottles of wine directly from the barrels. We sampled (and discussed) various different types of wines while snacking on what was perhaps the finest charcuterie I have ever tasted. For the final stop, we went to a nearby patisserie to sample an amazing array of French pastries. It was amazing. Jesica was a wonderful guide throughout. We really appreciated her perspective on the culture, the cuisine, and the country. We learned not just to "appreciate" French cuisine, but to respect it and their entire way of approaching food. I would be thrilled to go on any other tours she offers. One note: in case you're wondering whether you will be hungry after this tour, the short answer is that you will definitely NOT be hungry at all. Over the 4-5 hours, we ate plenty of food to qualify for both breakfast and lunch. This tour was one of the highlights of our visit to Paris. Extremely highly recommended.