Reviews for Learn to Eat Like a Local in Paris

Paul S.

I love this tour so much that I've taken it twice! First with my boyfriend 4 years ago and just recently with two girlfriends. Jesica is absolutely fantastic- she gets you off of the beaten path of touristy Paris and into the heart of a neighborhood that offers delicious cheeses, wines and meats. My two friends are vegetarians and Jesica had no problem adapting the tour to their needs. Highly recommended!!

Richard H.

Great tour, we felt like we genuinely experienced a part of Parisian life. Incredible range of produce from top quality fruit through to award winning cheeses and charcuterie, without forgetting how to judge the finest baguette in Paris! The local insight made all the difference in this. Jesica was knowledgeable, passionate and engaging, and made the whole experience fun and personal. Many thanks Jesica!

Michelle M.

Informative and enjoyable. This was our second tour with Jessica in the last few years, the first time as a couple and this time with our two boys (9 and 13). She did a very nice job of adjusting the tour this time to make it more accessible for the kids. Good meeting location, tasty treats along the way, beautiful market, and great bits of information as well. Jessica is knowledgeable and personable, with an interesting and unique perspective on Parisian culture and food given her international background. Well worth the time and expense.

Iris P.

Superb!!! We HIGHLY recommend this food tour. We loved the personalized and intimate feel of the tour. Jesica did an amazing job at answering our questions and providing much more than just a tasting. We actually learned about how to survive in the food world of Paris, which was incredibly important to us since we are staying for several months. Not only did we have a delicious and very fun (we spent a ton of time laughing) tour but it was incredibly informative and actually provided useful tips and help for all of our future food adventures in Paris. This is definitely not something I found in any other food tour. I have recommended this tour to several friends now. It's a must do!!

Roshni P.

We can't say enough about how much we loved this experience. Jesica was flexible with our start time, as our 7 month old had a rough night adjusting to Paris time. She started a little late and extended the tour for us. She had a Paris cheat sheet, with key phrases, how to order, and a glossary of different types of meats/breads/etc. We used that piece of paper all the time. We had amazing croissants and coffee, then went to a patisserie and learned to order bread, walked thru a local farmers market, had a cheese tasting at a fromagerie and my absolute favorite wine and oysters at a wine bar. The wine bar was a place that I would have found too intimidating to go into, but loved that she was there to help us order and get settled. If we had extra time in Paris, I would have had a second tour with Jesica to have her help us explore another neighborhood. This is a must and I can't recommend her highly enough.

Wendy A.

This tour was exactly what we neededas first timers in Paris. Not only we get to savour what locals eat (instead of going to over priced touristy cafes) but we also get lots of educational information. I didn't know there are such word as cheese mongers before this tour. And with Jessica, it feels like you're being showed around Paris with an old friend, she makes the whole experience so much fun. Her passion for food and produce is so infectious. Highly recommended especially in the beginning of your Paris stay.

Jennifer M.

My husband and I are traveling with my parents, who had never been to France. Only having traveled here once before, I was not sure if I could teach them anything, so we had Jessica teach us how to eat like a Parisian. She was wonderful- she was easy going, found us great food, was very knowledgable about the area and French culture, and adjusted to what we needed. We are enjoying our trip that much more because of her help.


We wanted a tour that enabled us to see and learn Parisian day to day living and Jessica was perfect for the task. It was great to observe her interactions with shop keepers, cheese mongers and charcuterie specialists. Jessica explained customary French greetings and correct ways to order each product. She introduced us to a local area of Paris which we would never have visited otherwise. We finished with a perfect picnic in the park, tasting all the products we had bought along the way. (These were included in the tour fee). Superb! A 5 star experience. We highly recommend Jessica's tour!

Michelle M.

We did this tour in June and had a great time. Jesica was personable, knowledgable and thorough. My husband and I learned so much and ate even more. We started our two week vacation in France with this tour and now feel ready to conquer edible France like a true Parisians. Thanks, Jesica. We highly recommend this tour!


Jesica was absolutely amazing on this tour. My sister and I traveled to Europe for the first time together and I really wanted to show her as much as I could about the culture in each of the cities we visited. Jesica's tour was a perfect way to accomplish that goal. She was warm and welcoming and felt like a friend in Paris. I would recommend this tour to all as it is not your typical tour experience and feels completely unique. Jesica - THANK YOU for an amazing time!

Bion B.

Such a wonderful morning in a refreshingly non touristy part of Paris with the generous and knowledgable host Jesica. I now feel confident to buy that beautiful produce at the market and the boulangerie that before I only looked at. I highly recommend this tour.

Jo B.

This was an amazing tour - I can't recommend it enough! We started with breakfast and certainly didn't need lunch after the tour. It was great for my teenage children. Jessica was well prepared but also flexible in asking for our own preferences . It was great to learn about French culture (and a bit of history) through food. It was a bonus that we took home leftovers! We have been practising being polite at caf├ęs by greeting the owners on arriving and leaving and also applied the "five rules of baguette choosing" at the bakery today. Many thanks to Jessica.

Sharon S.

This was a really fun tour. Jesica does treat you like a friend, and we loved the whole experience. I saw a part of Paris I had never seen, and now want to go back. Despite a somewhat challenging weather day, we hit all the highlights, and ate a lot of food. My favorite was standing at the fromagerie counter, out of the rain, trying the different cheeses. And the rye bread with raisins. And the pastries. And the... ok, there was nothing I didn't like. I highly recommend this tour for the food, but also for Jesica's way of introducing you to the French way to eat. Thanks, Jesica!!


Great company. Jesica was very knowledgeable and easy to be around. Merci!

Beth C.

We had our tour with Jessica last week, on our second day in Paris. She was so personable, knowledgable and generous with everything! She definately made our stay more enjoyable - and we left with such an appreciation of the culture, food and lifestyle of the Parisians. Highly recommended!

Joe H.

What a wonderful tour! Jessica taught us so much about food in Paris. And it certainly was a 3-hour long feast of delicious food. It was the highlight of our trip. She is not only very knowledgable but such a simpatico person. Don't miss this tour while you are in Paris.

Nirav S.

We had an amazing time with Jesica on our tour. The tour began at a cafe in a very non-touristy neighborhood where we discussed French cuisine in general and the cafe lifestyle in particular. We also snacked on a variety of delicious pastries. We then ventured to a nearby food market, where we took in the amazing array of French produce and foods. The next (and most extensive) stop was to the adjacent market where we learned about all of the delectable things French cuisine is known for: cheeses, meats, and breads. The stop at the cheesemonger was particularly fun. We sampled a variety of cheeses from around France, talking about the features of each one along the way. From there, we moved to a nearby place called the Red Baron, which was the real highlight. This is a very local wine store, where it is possible to buy entire bottles of wine directly from the barrels. We sampled (and discussed) various different types of wines while snacking on what was perhaps the finest charcuterie I have ever tasted. For the final stop, we went to a nearby patisserie to sample an amazing array of French pastries. It was amazing. Jesica was a wonderful guide throughout. We really appreciated her perspective on the culture, the cuisine, and the country. We learned not just to "appreciate" French cuisine, but to respect it and their entire way of approaching food. I would be thrilled to go on any other tours she offers. One note: in case you're wondering whether you will be hungry after this tour, the short answer is that you will definitely NOT be hungry at all. Over the 4-5 hours, we ate plenty of food to qualify for both breakfast and lunch. This tour was one of the highlights of our visit to Paris. Extremely highly recommended.

Nancy M.

We just finished our Eat like a Local tour with Jesica and I highly recommend it. I am stuffed, in a good way! Jesica talked with us like we were old friends who she was excited to share her secrets with, making our experience very personal and fun. Her knowledge of the relationship between the French and their food and the way she shared the information with us as she fed us was wonderful. This is only our second day in Paris and we will spend the rest of our time here enjoying the food even more thanks to Jesica. And, it is a cold November day here, raining so hard I debated canceling at the last minute, but I am so glad we went - we completely forgot about the weather thanks to the way Jesica engaged us in our cultural learning experience!

Heath B.

Being Australian and lacking all but the most basic language skills, I was really nervous about getting around the city. I wanted to make sure I had an authentic experience, maximising my time and making sure I tasted some of the best things Paris has to offer. I was overwhelmed by choice so decided to take a tour with Jesica. She was brilliant and easy going. We sampled great pastries, cheese and wine outside the usual tourist traps and Jesica also gave us some brilliant tips on etiquette that helped enormously for the rest of the holiday. Can't recommend her highly enough. Thanks again Jesica.