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From its humble beginnings as small village settlements on the marshy swamp lands near the river Spree, the twin towns of Berlin and Cölln joined together to form the single city of Berlin. As the mighty Prussian empire's centre of power, the heartbeat of the Weimar republic in the racy 1920s hedonism, and the nerve centre of the Nazi Third Reich, Berlin has seen change after change to its character, ideology and society. No greater change transpired in its history than the division of the city in two at the end of the World War II by the Berlin Wall, which separated both Berlin as well as East and West Germany. As the Cold War came to a close with fall of the wall, the city once again reunited and became the capital of Germany--and one of the most important cities in Europe.

No visit to Berlin can bypass the awe inspiring Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, the remains of the Berlin Wall, the moving Holocaust Memorial, the buzzing Unter den Linden, Alexanderplatz TV tower and the 1.3 km Eastside gallery. The world famous Pergamon Museum, Deutsche Historiches Museum, Judisches Museum and Bode Museum have enough content to entertain history buffs. Those seeking nightlife and good restaurants and bars are in for a huge treat. Clubs such as Berghain, Tresor and Watergate are world renowned. Berlin´s eclectic selection of bars feature everything from traditional German pub fare to Burlesque, LBGT , Rockabilly and Indie trash.

As a multicultural city, Berlin has an incredible selection of food from around the globe, local grub, and adopted specialities like Currywurst and Doner Kebab that you must try at least once. While you´re here, soak in the local culture of the city and visit the Mauerpark , Mayhufer and Boxhagnerplatz markets. Try your hand at some great value secondhand shopping or high-end retailers. Hangout in Kreuzberg along the Spree River or the exciting Friedrichshain and Prenzlauerberg neighborhoods. Paint the town red or see up close some of the world´s greatest street art and graffiti. Dance until dawn like a local or stumble upon an impromptu rave or demo in a city park. In Berlin, you will be spoiled with choices in a spectacular city--one where history never repeats, but will always reinvent itself.

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